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Our history

The workshop MORELLI born in Bologna in 1966 on the historic campus of Via de 'Carracci 81 in a palace of the early '900.At that time the production was dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of brass clockwork plate for the construction of doorbells and door then come out of the lab by Luciano MORELLI unique pieces handmade completely taken care of by tracing the final polishing.

By signing, already at that time, every single piece, the laboratoro MORELLI begins to be well known even outside the local market and understanding the importance of what would later be called marketing.They come with the passing of the years introduced new products and already in 1975 MORELLI sells 3 models of fountains column classic shape and mailboxes model Poste Regie cast iron, which gave birth to a market hitherto reserved for the public entity.

Thus began the search for new products in European museums of arts and crafts bringing to submit articles in classical forms dating back to the Valley and Central European culture.

MORELLI then realizes the tremendous importance of advertising and in the early 80s began to appear in trade magazines gardening and furnishing the first advertising MORELLI, and are also submitted to the products in international fairs in the sector and thus acquired a national visibility.

The success MORELLI opens the way to several companies that offer in the early '90s furnishings similar to those of the catalog MORELLI: it raises a question of protecting the brand that is well recorded in Italy and in Europe, and next to the name MORELLI appears in the frieze with two horses in some products complements the signature MORELLI.

In the early 90s then MORELLI itself as a leader in the field of furnishing accessories made of cast iron and brass, and close to the historic products make their appearance in the catalog MORELLI articles in wrought iron.Exhibitions in various European cities and the opening in 1997 of the e-commerce site "www.morellishop.it" damage to an international MORELLI helping to create the company of our day.

Was born in Bologna in 1998 the first store MORELLI detached from the historic headquarters of Via de 'Carracci that was abandoned in 2000 for the current Zola Predosa in a building with architectural features special: it is the first of a mill' 800.The transfer also corresponds to the generational change within the company that brings youth and Paco Emiliano J. to conduct MORELLI SAS beside his father Luciano.

It is our history that gives us the awareness of our means.