GARDEN Brass Faucet with Morelli Hose Connector


Wall mounted faucet with cross knob.

Brass faucet with hose barb, 1/2 "M - 3/8 "F connection this means that the faucet has a double thread for connection to the water system: 3/8" internal and 1/2" external. The double threading allows installation on both a "male" and a "female" threaded end of the system.

Natural brass outdoor faucet characterized by the cross-shaped knob that facilitates its use, natural brass oxidizes over time by naturally darkening.
This faucet has a brass screw type closing and opening mechanism, the screw is available as a spare part in this shop.In case of faucet loss due to winter frost or wear from use, replacing the screw will restore the normal functionality of the faucet, resulting in a product as good as new.

To use the hose holder, simply insert the irrigation hose into the faucet, then tighten it with an iron band so that it does not slip off under water pressure.

DIMENSIONS: click on the additional photo to see the dimensioned sheet.

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